Nienke Koorn

Head of the Happiness Troupe @ WeTransfer

Hi there!

I'm Nienke, and as a second of four kids I learned to keep different parties happy from an early age. It came in especially handy on childhood family vacations where we drove hours, lemme tell you.

While studying in Amsterdam I first turned my skill into a profitable tool, handling a website called Feestkoe. As the name might suggest (it means party cow in Dutch) it was an online shop selling everything a parent could possibly need for their kids' party. I found out soon enough that people trust you to deliver, and when you ruin their trust they take their business elsewhere.

After a tumultuous and exiting year that involved illustrating study material for less fortunate children and travelling Australia for a little bit, I ended up working with my sister at WeTransfer. It turned into a full-blown support agent job, which became even more exciting when I realised how much I love helping users find out what they want and need.

Offering awesome support is only a small part of what I do, together with my dedicated Happiness Troupe. I firmly believe that our company is and should always be about our users.